Small shops voluntarily joining the deposit return system may get a competitive advantage

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 02. 28. 10:40

In accordance with European Union regulations, the mandatory deposit refund scheme (DRS) launched in Hungary on 1 January 2024. With the exception of dairy product packaging, almost all 0.1-3 litre glass, aluminium and plastic drink containers put on the market after this date will be returnable.

Based on the experiences of European countries that have already introduced the mandatory DRS system, it may bring about a significant change in consumer habits in Hungary within a short period of time. Smaller shops that aren’t obliged to join the system will also find it worthwhile to do so: the cash refund is expected to encourage many customers to return single-use drink bottles and cans to the grocery store. The HUF 50 return fee is enough motivation for shoppers to take back drink containers – this is one of the most effective ways to provide valuable recyclable raw materials for building a circular economy. For smaller stores the argument in favour of becoming a REpont return point is that customers tend to spend their refunds at the point of return. What is more, MOHU MOL Hulladékgazdálkodási Zrt. – the operators of the system – will pay a handling fee per bottle for operating a return point. The return process itself is simple, seamless and convenient.

Larger stores can meet customer expectations by requesting modern, easy-to-use reverse vending machines (RVMs) from MOHU. Smaller shops that volunteer to join the system can choose between two options: they can join the system with a RVM or as a manual return point supported with a mobile app. Collected waste is disposed of by MOHU’s logistics partners. With a well-functioning DRS system and a collection rate of 90%, around 142,000 tonnes of single-use beverage bottles could be returned and serve as raw material.

Those interested can register on the MOHU Partner Portal, following the instructions on the MOHU website. (x)

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