DRS: a new era is really starting now

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 28. 13:02

From July 1, 2024, a new era will begin in Hungary in terms of the beverage packaging redemption system. From this date, all newly introduced beverage packaging that is covered by the DRS (Deposit Return System) and is not subject to an exception must include the redemption fee. The HUF 50 deposit fee has already been seen on store shelves, but from now on all bottles, metal boxes and glass products will bear this inscription.

Transition details

The introduction of the DRS system was preceded by a reprieve for manufacturers, which gave them the opportunity to make the necessary preparations. The installation of reverse vending machines also began at the beginning of the year, although the markings have only appeared widely on beverage cans and bottles in recent months. Nevertheless, products manufactured by June 30, which do not yet have a deposit fee, may still appear on the shelves, while stocks are gradually replaced.

What products are affected by the system?

Drinks in glass, metal and plastic bottles and cans with a volume between 1 deciliter and 3 liters fall under DRS – with the exception of milk and milk-based drinks. The system also includes products with the redemption icon, so various soft drinks, beers, energy drinks and spirits are also included. Only non-squeezed bottles with damage-free barcodes are accepted by automatic return machines.

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