Walking on thin ice

By: Szalai László Date: 2023. 05. 22. 11:31

Due to the changes in the public health product tax (NETA), from 1 July ice cream also belongs to the taxable category. It has also had an influence on the category that owing to increasing energy prices, many stores decided to turn off refrigerators, which meant that the selling space for ice cream diminished.

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Rewarded quality

Andrea Velin
finance and country
sales manager

Among branded products, Ledo was the second biggest player in the family-sized segment and the third in the impulse category.

Andrea Velin, finance and country sales manager of Ledo Kft.:

“In 2022 consumers tended to choose family-sized ice creams instead of impulse products.”

Last year the company rolled out two new KING ice creams. It was really good news that the International Ice Cream Consortium (ICCC) rewarded Ledo’s brand new, blueberry cheesecake flavoured King Majestic ice cream with the World’s Best Ice Cream prize.

Exclusive innovations

Häagen-Dazs is a relatively new player in the Hungarian ice cream market: the brand signed a distribution agreement with Maresi Foodbroker Kft. two years ago.

Kovács Barbara, Maresi

Barbara Kovács
junior brand manager
Maresi Foodbroker

Junior brand manager Barbara Kovács:

“The brand’s premium positioning and brand equity are of great help in surviving the current market hardships. Demand is the biggest for our 460ml pint format ice creams. As the brand has the strongest presence in hyper- and supermarkets, the breakthrough of these impulse products hasn’t happened yet”.

This year Häagen-Dazs will roll out three more DUO products: Hazelnut-caramel, Strawberry-Belgian chocolate, and Raspberry-vanilla brownie. Two exclusive ice creams will also hit the shops, Häagen-Dazs x Pierre Hermé Double chocolate macaron ganache and Häagen-Dazs x Pierre Hermé Strawberry-raspberry macaron.

Multipack products keep dominating the market

Their own philosophy

József Szalay
Anjuna Ice Pops

József Szalay, the CEO of Anjuna Ice Pops Kft. sees growing demand for healthy, plant-based, and allergen-free premium ice creams, but shoppers want a good price-value ratio too.

“Based on shopper feedback, this year we are launching a mini multipack product. We are also working on a new innovations, which isn’t shaped by the constantly changing trends or external factors, but Anjuna’s own product philosophy”

– the CEO added.

Consumers demand for favourable value for money, exclusivity and added value at the same time


From dragon fruit to the breath of the gold dragon

Stars and up-and-coming ice creams

Today there are several milk alternatives in our diet, from the widely popular coconut, soy and almond milks to emerging new drinks made from oat, pea and chickpea. Fruit ingredients create endless opportunities for brands to come out with new, brave but natural flavours, riding on the waves of the superfood trend. However, the majority of shoppers are still looking for classic creamy ice creams, and it is very difficult to imitate these. Avocado is a popular choice for this role, because it perfectly substitutes the texture of dairy products melting in the mouth. The problem is that not everybody likes avocado; but if we add a little sour cherry purée or juice concentrate, the result will be a superb sour taste.

Purple ube made from purple sweet potato with a slightly nutty flavour have already hit international markets

Colours, flavours and shapes

Frozen desserts – both dairy- and plant-based ones – are a perfect medium for experimenting with flavours and colours. Exciting combinations, such as a playful pink ice cream with dragon fruit taste, have already conquered several international markets. In the carbonated soft drink category, we can already come across so-called Fantasy flavours such us mermaid or yeti, and this trend is likely to enter the ice cream category too. What does the “breath of the gold dragon” ice cream taste like? Not only exciting flavours are making a conquest, but also special shapes such as the ice cream sandwich, mochi filled with ice cream or Ice Cream Nuggets.

Beside special colours, flavours and textures, also special shapes like Ice Cream Nuggets resembling chicken nuggets are also gaining ground


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