They are developing vegan salmon fillets and crab cakes

By: STA Date: 2023. 02. 13. 11:24

Two Canadian startups will get government help to further develop the technology needed to produce the next generation of vegan seafood.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Toronto-based startup New School Foods has received funding from several government agencies, including Protein Industries Canada, to develop its whole vegan seafood products, which aim to mimic the texture, taste, nutritional benefits and cooking experience of traditional seafood. During their three-year work, the developers created a unique technology. This is controlled freezing to create a structure that mimics the muscle fibers and connective tissue found in fish, which is then flavored.

Another startup, Modern Meat, has developed a proprietary vegan seafood recipe

The company recently completed initial testing of prototypes and plans to move forward with initial production runs in the next few months. The increase in production capacity allows the company to satisfy the needs of larger restaurants and retailers with its products.

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