There are places where they have already started to cheat the new automatic glass replacement machines

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 10. 10:42

In Romania, when buying plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles, customers must pay a surcharge of 50 banis, if the RetuRo logo, which authorizes recycling, is displayed on the products. However, a method spreading through a TikTok video revealed that the system can also be cheated with products in old packaging, for which, in principle, the fee should not be paid.

Some retailers still sell products that don’t have this logo and, in theory, can’t be charged extra or redeemed. The video published on TikTok shows a trick in which, in the case of an old plastic bottle without a logo, the barcode of another product with a logo is copied and then pasted over the original barcode, so that the vending machines accept it, writes Maszol.

Libertatea journalists tested this method and confirmed its functionality. According to the Adevărul portal, the authorities are aware of the loophole and have indicated that this method can only work until June 30. After this date, only those products with the RetuRo logo on their packaging can be marketed, so applying the trick will no longer be possible.

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