Magazine: Food and drink at petrol stations

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 04. 05. 07:27

Since shopper demand is growing for quality foods, the operators of the biggest filling station chains are recruiting top chefs and using the best ingredients to prepare gourmet sandwiches, hot dogs, paninis, superb salads and high-quality coffees for drivers.

Dávid Kónya
category development

Dávid Kónya, category development manager of Shell told our magazine: last year they introduced the deli by Shell brand in Hungary, the product selection of which had been created with the help of star chef Fördős Zé. High-quality and tasty ingredients are used to make trendy foods, but the tastes Hungarian people tend like are also taken into consideration.


András Orosz
retail director
MOL Magyarország

András Orosz, retail director of MOL Magyarország talked to us about their new business strategy that focuses more on the services offered to customers. The company came out with the Fresh Corner concept in 2015: they sell excellent coffee, fresh sandwiches and baked goods at filling stations. In the autumn of 2018 the successful concept left petrol stations and debuted in the city centre of Budapest!


Kováts Botond
marketing manager

Botond Kováts, marketing manager of OMV informed that in 2018 they had teamed up with Eszter Palágyi, the chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Costes to create new gourmet sandwiches. Thanks to this step sales jumped 30 percent in the category – many customers tried Gourmet products who hadn’t done so before.

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