Starting over

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 03. 19. 10:01

1. Are you still standing? How are you fighting for survival?

2. Do you have financial reserves left? If yes, for how many more months is the money enough?

3. What kind of prices will restaurants offer after the reopening?

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Gábor Földvári, Vadrózsa restaurant (Budapest)

1. Yes we are standing, but we are already in the agony phase now.
2. We don’t have considerable reserves, we use member loans to finance operations.
3. The usual prices.


András Gendur, La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge (Budapest)

1.Yes we are standing, but we had to take out a big loan. As of 30 November 2020 we were forced to lay off all employees..

2. No, we don’t.

3. Lower prices than before the pandemic.

Adrienn Hodik, Natura Hill Guest House and Restaurant (Zebegény)

1. We make our own products and sell them online, plus we plan to open a pop-up snack bar by the river Danube.

2. For one month only.

3. We will have to increase prices considerably.

Tamás Márkus, Fóti Kastély Restaurant

1. We are still standing, doing our job.

2. No, we don’t: any money that comes in is spent immediately.

3. We might increase prices a bit, but not much.

Henrietta Pelyhéné Koós, Ambrózia Restaurant and Inn (Miskolctapolca)

1. We are still open, we do home delivery, we have special offers and sell street food.

2. Yes, we have financial reserves, but we don’t want to spend it as this money is for development purposes.

3. Soon we are going to increase prices by 5-8 percent.

Tibor Takács, Csillag restaurant (Barcs)

1. We applied for the 50-percent salary compensation and could keep all employees. We do home delivery and cook for family events.

2. We have enough money for 1 or 2 months if the government grant arrives on time.

3. I expect a 10-percent price increase. //

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