Prices are rising again in domestic restaurants

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 04. 11:20

Recently, more and more restaurants have decided not to reflect the costs to their guests in the price of food and drinks, but rather to raise the service fee. Due to the increasing inflation, rising energy prices and rising prices of raw materials, businesses feel that they have reached psychological limits in the price of food, so they pass the costs on to the guests in an alternative way, by increasing the service fee.

In the recent period, more and more restaurants introduce or increase the level of the service charge to compensate for the increase in costs. It is becoming more and more common for guests to encounter this type of fees, when the menu shows not only the consumer price, but also the service fee. According to experts, restaurants raise earnings by at least 10% on average, which is necessary due to the labor shortage, Portfolio points out.

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