Dreher is starting the season with new packaging and a peach flavor

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 03. 23. 11:48

One of the important symbols of Dreher Breweries, the circled triangle, appears more prominently on the new, more uniform packaging of the brand’s entire alcoholic and non-alcoholic portfolio. The ancient brewing symbol, the year of the opening of the Köbánya factory, and the signature of the founder focus on the rich traditions, while the overall design focuses on the modern present. The Dreher Barack made for this season will be on the shelves in March with the new look.

In the symbol that forms the basis of the prominent pattern, the angles of the triangle represent the raw materials of beer, hops, malt and crystal clear water, while the circle enclosing it represents the knowledge of the master brewer. This traditional brand element is turned into a play button in advertisements, and on beer cans and labels it is now arranged in a modern pattern. The Dreher team was looking for this creative playfulness in the change, which organizes the previously different appearance into a unified product portfolio. The packaging, in line with today’s trends, also carries the brand’s traditional values dating back to 1895.

“In 2019, we changed both the recipe and the packaging, when Dreher Classic was replaced by Gold. The innovation was clearly well received by consumers, and the brand has continued to dominate the premium category ever since, and has been able to continuously increase its volume share in the premium price segment in the past challenging years*. At the same time, we managed to continuously build on the variants presented in the last four years. We felt that it was time to give our beers a more uniform and slightly more distinctive look, so that the brand’s fans also feel that they belong to them.”

– said Lívia Illés-Presits, head of the Dreher Breweries Dreher and Dreher 24 brands.


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