The majority check whether the food is Hungarian

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 10. 02. 10:55

The vast majority of the respondents prefer Hungarian food rather than foreign products – the survey of the Research and Marketing Institute of the Budapest University of Economics (BGE) reveals. Only 8 percent of them never, 16 percent always, 41.6 percent often prefer their country’s products rather than imports.

The research that was carried out by the MAGYAR Termék Nonprofit Kft. (HUNGARIAN Product Non-profit Ltd.) also revealed that most of the respondents looked at the origin of purchased products, but this interest was of a different intensity. 11 percent of them always, 26 percent of them look it in the majority of the cases, 17.1 percent only at the first purchase, while 33 percent watch it only in certain cases. Only 13 percent said that they never read the origin of the product.

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