More people hope for a raise than they expect to receive

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 12. 11:19

Last year, only half of the employees expected a wage settlement, while in the end nearly three quarters of the employers decided in favor of it – this ratio has now changed: more people hope for a raise than they expect to receive. In 2024, employees of large companies that mostly employ manual labor can expect a wage increase, according to the latest research by

Based on the responses of more than 500 companies that participated in this year’s survey, it can be said that fewer employers plan to raise salaries than they did last year. However, the situation has not changed with regard to planning at the beginning of the year: even now, six out of ten companies have indicated their plans in this direction. Last year, however, wages were increased at more companies than expected, as by the end of the year, eight out of ten had been implemented.

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