Z+D’s diverse profile

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 24. 22:00

Keszthely-based Z+D Kft. was founded in 1991, it is one of Reál Hungária’s owners and besides operating as a wholesaler (with premises in Keszthely, Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg, Szombathely and Budapest), the company also runs seven C+C stores in the Lake Balaton region and a drink wholesale facility in the Budapest region.

István N. Szabó
managing director

Managing director István N. Szabó revealed that this diverse portfolio ensures the company’s successful operations. They recently introduced a new business management system to optimise processes. In 2019 Z+D continues to focus on the HoReCa channel and independent retailers with its wholesale operations, offering professional service to their more than 6,000 partners. //

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