More deodorant purchased

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 03. 21. 10:14

Deodorant is one of the top 5 highest-turnover categories from the 70 household chemical and cosmetics categories audited by Nielsen. Between November 2014 and October 2015 the size of the annual market was bigger than HUF 16 billion, having increased by 5 percent (but there was a 6-percent price increase among drug products); in terms of volume, sales also augmented by 5 percent (drug sales only improved by 1 percent).

As for product formats, spray’s share from sales was 47 percent, followed by stick (19 percent), roll-on (17 percent) and pump (11 percent). Stores bigger than 400m² and drugstores were responsible for 91 percent of value sales. Private label products’ share in value sales reduced from 4 to 3 percent in the examined period

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