More companies feel that they are in a more stable financial situation than last year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 10:25

Companies are more optimistic about the year ahead than they were last year. A greater proportion feel that they can count on a secure financial situation this year: while in 2023, three-quarters of companies stated that they expected a similar or improved financial situation in the year, at the beginning of this year, eight out of ten companies responded in this way.

Fewer people expect particularly deteriorating financial indicators: while at the beginning of last year 13% expected a decline in this area, this year only one in ten companies – the survey reveals.

This year, once again prepared a survey focusing on the expectations of companies, with the involvement of more than 500 companies. The companies’ recruitment plans and expectations for 2024 were examined. This time, employers had a more positive view of the period ahead of them than at this time last year, and more expect stability in the financial field.

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