Equal opportunities at Auchan can be supported by facts

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 08. 12:48

Equal opportunities play a fundamental role in Auchan’s corporate culture and HR policy. This applies not only on special days such as today’s Women’s Day, but throughout the year. With specific measures, integration programs, and training, they help ensure that everyone has the opportunity for value-creating work and a position that matches their abilities and performance. This is also reflected in employment and the proportion of women.

The gender ratio leans towards women, 38 percent of the active staff are men and 62 percent are women. This is obviously also due to the jobs typical of retail trade, but it is quite unusual in the domestic context that the sexes are also represented side by side in the active management staff, and in fact at Auchan there are even slightly more female managers (50.17%) than the man (49.83%). On the other hand, the proportion of Hungarian women at the middle management level is between 30-40%, but only 10% at the top management level. In the region, in the other countries of the V4, for example, this ranges between 25-28%.

Of course, Auchan pays attention not only to equal opportunities in terms of the gender ratio, but also to the employment of people with disabilities, which now goes back almost 15 years. Currently, they still have hundreds of MMK employees, who are primarily employed as cashiers, in the field of e-commerce and in administrative positions. In order for the company to provide them with the conditions for value-creating work, they launched their own integration program in 2010, in which, for example, they create positions tailored to them. In addition, they hold sensitization and educational trainings, events, and mini-campaigns. Professional partners are also involved in their activities, along with other civilians, there is regular cooperation with the National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Their efforts have already been rewarded with numerous awards, most recently Ertök Or! Auchan Hungary received an award in the Inclusive Employer of the Year category.

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