Subsidies and opportunities in agriculture

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 01. 10:30

The new support system will continue to help farmers adapt to the changed market and production conditions – declared Dr. Márton Nobilis, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, at a farmers’ forum in Kalocsán on Friday.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

Dr. Márton Nobilis added that it is important to be able to produce highly processed products in the food industry. That is why the new support cycle holds great potential for further improving the efficiency of agriculture and food processing. Last year, a total of 1,400 billion forints reached farmers, and in the first two months of this year, another 82 billion forints of funds were received, to about 42,000 agricultural enterprises. More than half of the rural development resources will finance economic development, but the support of investments that increase competitiveness and efficiency will also be decisive. The state secretary explained that measures of an economic development nature also serve environmental and climate goals, accordingly, separate green investments are also included in the KAP Strategic Plan. Widespread problems in the livestock sector include outdated facilities, old technologies and high production costs. The application for the Development of Livestock Farms, which will open in March 2024, serves to solve these problems.

Support for the technological development of Horticulture plants will also arrive in March

Primary producers, sole proprietors and non-profit organizations who run a functioning farm can apply for the tender. This will be followed in April by the irrigation development tender. In July 2024, two more calls will appear. One of them is the Young farmer application 2024, here the grant amount can be used freely. The tender entitled “Development of Small Agricultural Plants” will also be announced, the purpose of which is to provide support to those small farmers who want to cross the limit of the possibility of sustaining themselves from their own production, but cannot do so with minimal personal effort or by participating in larger tenders. Funds can be requested to support the digital transition of agricultural plants until December 2024 – detailed the state secretary. He added that the Hungarian Strategic Plan provides all players in agriculture with the opportunity for further development, so I am very confident that these tenders will be successful and will give a boost to Hungarian agriculture and the Hungarian food industry.

Dr. Márton Nobilis stated that the training of good specialists is of prime importance

Our task is to provide training for the future generation that means marketable and immediately usable knowledge for young people. That is why the agricultural vocational training centers were created, the purpose of which is to enable students to meet the most modern tools and learn to use them.