Professional and community life

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 03. 30. 10:36

In February the Hungarian Confectioners Guild (MCI) held its general meeting in Balatonalmádi, where president Balázs Erdélyi presented his report on 2022.


Balázs Erdélyi

Last year wasn’t easy for MCI, but it was a successful year. The guild worked very hard on building a community, preserving traditions and creating value. In the headquarters and the workshop, hardly a day went by without some kind of programme, as lots of international masters came to visit and they really liked what they saw there.

Training and education

There were two milestones in this field in 2022. MCI’s Next Generation project gave the opportunity to 10 students to learn more about the trade than school education can offer. In the sweeTEN 3.0 project one of the main elements was the Rákóczi memorial year, but a foreign study trip was also organised. Lots of confectioners attended MCI’s courses – among the invited master confectioners we could find Alain Chartier and Denis Matyasy. The guild’s For Artisan Confectionery Foundation also implemented very popular and successful training courses.

Professional cooperation

MCI was also the supporter and sponsor or professional partner of several events, such as the Royal Platinum Jubilee Cake Challenge in Lajosmizse or the Aranybulla – Royal Dessert Competition in Székesfehérvár. The guild played a key role in preparing Attila Menyhárt for the final of the World Chocolate Masters competition. For many years MCI has been the sponsor of the Excellent Student of the Trade competition. //

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