SIÓ-Eckes: Made of the fruits of nature – in a sustainable way

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 05. 10. 08:00
Szász-Bognár Emese Sió

Emese Szász-Bognár
communications and media  manager

Emese Szász-Bognár, communications and media manager of SIÓ-Eckes Kft. informed our magazin that products in the new SIÓ Natura BIO range are made of fruits from organic farming. What is more, mixing and filling is also done in compliance with the standards of independent certification organisation Biokontroll. She added that this means putting a smaller burden on the environment.

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This year the company will roll out new products in both the vitamin-fortified and the chilled product lines. Sustainability is a core element of SIÓ-Eckes’ strategy. In 2021 the company saved planet Earth from 3.5 tons of plastic, thanks to having replaced plastic drinking straws with paper ones on small drink carton juices. Fruit processing is fully waste-free and SIÓ-Eckes uses 100-percent green energy. //

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