Orbico celebrates 10th anniversary with portfolio expansion

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 10. 10. 10:37
Orbico Hungary Kft. is 10 years old and our magazine interviewed general manager Zoltán Becze on this occasion. A member of the Orbico Group, the company supplies more than 8,000 retail outlets with the products of partners.


Becze Zoltán, az Orbico
ügyvezető igazgatója

– Would you please briefly summarise Orbico’s story?

– Croatian, family-owned Orbico Group entered the Hungarian market in the early 2010s, and reached out to the FMCG segment in 2012. The group is now present in 21 countries.

Orbico Hungary Kft.’s annual sales turnover is above HUF 40bn, and from the FMCG categories we are working with cosmetics, drug products, foods and drinks.

– Which Orbico achievements are you the most proud of so far?

– Besides our long-term partnerships with brand owners, I am really proud of the good relationship with retailer and wholesaler partners. Recently we have signed several-year business development plans with some of our strategic partners.

– Compared with other distributors, what extras can Orbico give to partners?

– In today’s difficult economic conditions efficiency is one of the top priorities. Another thing that is just as important is the exploitation of growth opportunities. Orbico helps brand owners to reach consumers cost-efficiently, in the whole market or in various retail channels, at the same time also improving product availability. We have our own administrative staff, warehouse operations, sales personnel and category management team.

The geographical coverage of Orbico Group

– Another prerequisite of success is partners’ trust on both the supplier and the buyer side, which can be earned and kept with firmly represented fundamental values. What are Orbico’s most important trust building corporate and business values?

– Retail channels and the different chains have different profiles, strategies and needs. Orbico Hungary Kft. has a dedicated category management team, and a sales team with regional and channel-specific focus, which make it possible for us to react to the emerging opportunities.

– Both sides – suppliers and buyers – are looking for safe and reliable solutions, because their own business success relies on these. How can Orbico make sure that partners, their products and brands feel safe?

– Working with a large selection of brands, we have great experience in many fields. We work with Hungarian-owned retail chains, hyper- and supermarkets, discounters and HoReCa units. What is more, we also cooperate with online retailers, DIY and consumer electronics stores. Because of the growing inflation and rising costs, in the next few years it will be crucial to reach all consumers groups, so we keep adding new brands to our portfolio.

– It was a big step forward in the Hungarian market that you acquired the exclusive distribution rights of mineral water brand Jana. What does this mean for the company in capacity planning, sales turnover and market position?

– In a few days’ time we are going to start distributing Jana and Jamnica mineral waters. We calculate with a 10% sales growth from this partnership, and we hope that our supplier position will strengthen further. Since we are a Croatian-owned company, we would really like to see Croatia’s No.1 mineral water acquire a market share that is worthy of its traditions and quality.

– What are your plans for the future?

– We think that competition will be stronger than ever before. Volume sales of certain brands will drop and it will be difficult to manage our operating costs, on which the livelihood of our 230 workers and their families depends. Every day Orbico Hungary Kft. is working on developing as steadily as in the last 10 years. Personally I see no risk in booking the cover of Trade magazin’s October 2027 issue for us… (x)

The categories Orbico Hungary distributes


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