Pek-Snack: A bite of optimism

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 05. 07. 10:13

2020 was a very good year for Pek-Snack Kft.: the bakery chain remained strong financially and strengthened its market position. Our magazine had a chat with managing director Csaba Antal, marketing manager Katalin Nock-Vető and commercial director Gábor Molnár.

trade logo 2x superbrands What was 2020 like for Pek-Snack Kft.?


Csaba Antal,
managing director, Pek-Snack

Gábor Molnár: – Sales revenue was 7 percent lower than in 2019, but in the light of the fact the people spent three quarters of the year in their homes, this is very good result. Pek-Snack strengthened in certain channels and weakened in others. In 2020 we launched a trade development project that focuses on increasing the efficiency of workers, by this maximising the sales performances of units.

Katalin Nock-Vető: – Last year was a difficult one, but we used this period for developing strategies that can help us to make progress. We reacted to the March lockdown very successfully with the Stay at Home, Bake at Home! campaign. In the second half of 2020 we cooperated with a smart food company, developing new products that are going to be launched soon. In the first half of 2021 we started giving our image an overhaul, modernising the Pek-Snack brand and adapting to changing consumer needs. The franchise units are a bit more colourful now and have been given a dynamic, youthful design.

trade logo 2x superbrands What kinds of investment projects have your realised recently?

Csaba Antal: – We have installed a new automatic production line in our factory. At the end of April a new dough rising facility also started production – from a budget granted by a programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The combined value of the two investments was more than HUF 1 billion.

Molnár Gábor-PekSnack

Gábor Molnár, commercial director,  Pek-Snack

Gábor Molnár: – In 2020 we implemented a sales demand project, creating a system in which sales and marketing make forecasts to manufacturing and logistics. The goal of this sales-based forecast process is to maximise the accuracy of production forecasts and to optimise stock levels.

trade logo 2x superbrands How do you look on 2021?

Csaba Antal: – Although the pandemic is still here, making an impact on sales, we are optimistic and think when the lockdown measures are lifted, our volume sales and revenue will increase considerably – in part thanks to the new Pek-Snack product portfolio. We also plan an expansion in foreign markets.

Nock-Vető Katalin-Pek-Snack

Katalin Nock-Vető,
marketing manager,  Pek-Snack

Katalin Nock-Vető: – We have compiled the Fitt portfolio: the objective with these healthier innovations is to acquire new customers. There are three product lines, Fitt Aktív – low-carb products made with sweetener, Fitt Protein – wholemeal products with added protein and Fitt-Vegán – these are exclusively plant-based bakery items. We would also like to connect our innovation work with other brands, e.g. from January all ham products are made with Kométa ham.

Gábor Molnár: – As for the Pek-Snack franchise’s retail concept, we would like to appear with new product categories in our units, selling products made by other companies. (x)

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