(HU) Nielsen: a sörös, üdítős és pudingos tv-reklámok a legnépszerűbbek

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 11. 09. 11:38

In the third quarter of this year, TV viewers watched beer spots among the food TV ads the most and among the lotions TV ads, toothpaste got the most views among viewers over the age of four. The Nielsen Közönségmérés Kft. (Nielsen Audience Measurement Ltd.) measured a decrease of 21 percent in the former and a 1 percent increase in the latter in the July-September period last year.


The gross rating point (GRP) measures the size of an advertising campaign by a specific medium or schedule. It does not measure the size of the audience reached. Rather, GRPs quantify impressions as a percentage of the target population, and this percentage may thus be greater than, or in fact much greater than, 100. Target rating points express the same concept, but with regard to a more narrowly defined target audience.

(Source: Nielsen)