Food supply wasn’t discussed at COP 26

By: Szöllősi Réka Date: 2022. 01. 11. 08:45

Guest writer:
Réka Szöllősi 
food policy analyst

Now that the COP 26 climate change summit is over, a growing number of agri-food organisations voice their disappointment about the participants practically forgetting to talk about the influence of food systems on climate change.

COPA-COGECA called attention to the success that European agriculture has managed to increase its productivity by 25 percent since 1990 in a way that the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions have dropped 20 percent. The organisation underlined: the crisis can’t be stopped without the help of agriculture, as it is the only sector that is capable of capturing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere using natural methods. //

The above article has also been published in Issue 2021/12-01 of Trade magazin.

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