A working group examines the effects of Ukrainian grain

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 20. 09:33

A chamber working group is being formed to investigate the crop market crisis caused by Ukrainian grain, the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) told MTI on Monday.

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In the announcement, it is explained that the arable crop production and supply industry department of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy discussed in an extraordinary meeting on Monday the problems caused by the Ukrainian grain flooding the Eastern and Central European markets, including the Hungarian markets. At the meeting, it was decided to create a working group whose task is to examine what steps can help to manage the situation. In recent months, more and more farmers have approached the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy, saying that the grain imported from Ukraine is causing serious market disruptions, driving down prices and making domestic crops unsalable – they write in the announcement.

Last summer, the EU suspended the application of customs duties and duty-free quotas for goods coming from Ukraine

He did all this so that the grain could be shipped to third countries. Due to the thoughtless decisions of Brussels, an unprecedented amount of Ukrainian grain and oilseeds arrived on the Eastern-Central European market, including on the Hungarian market. This further aggravated the dire situation of domestic farmers, which arose due to last year’s historic drought and significantly increased production costs.

Hungarian losses must be compensated

The NAK emphasized that it had previously called on the EU decision-makers to take steps to stabilize the market and to compensate Hungarian farmers for losses due to ill-considered measures. NAK considers solidarity to be an important basic value of the European Union, which can only work if all member states bear the associated burdens equally. It cannot be accepted in any way that the price of the measures will be paid by only a few member states, in this case the member states neighboring or close to Ukraine – they write in the announcement. The NAK emphasized that they strongly requested that the plant protection, phytosanitary, and environmental protection regulations applicable to EU production be observed for Ukrainian crops, and that the EU apply the same strict requirements to imported agricultural and food industry products as it demands from EU producers.


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