Gerendi Zsolt is ÖRT’s new Secretary General

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 06. 19. 11:22

The ÖRT team has been expanded. Gerendi Zsolt strengthens ÖRT’s team as the new Secretary General. After working for more than 20 years in agency field, he decided to switch and joined the ÖRT team, while Fazekas Ildikó becomes the director.

In addition to the operation of the complete system of self-regulation – from the preliminary review to the comprehensive review of the advertisements (monitoring) – the monitoring of the change of social sensitivity and, if necessary, the integration into the evaluation criteria of the work and advertisements is a great challenge and a great responsibility for ÖRT. The new challenges of the digital world, advertising for children, the environment and human dignity are just some of the issues that need to be monitored continuously. So there are more and more tasks waiting for the expanding and growing team.

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