Fun restaurant campaign: anyone who hands in their phone gets free wine

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 16. 11:12

The Al Condominio restaurant in the northern Italian city of Verona has a special offer for its guests: a bottle of wine is offered to those who are willing to hand over their mobile phones at the entrance and prefer to chat in each other’s company.

Angelo Lella, the owner of the restaurant, said that their goal is for guests not to stare at their phones, but to enjoy the time they spend with each other. In addition, admittedly, marketing also plays a role in the initiative, since they wanted to create a restaurant that is different and unique.

Guests arriving at the restaurant can place their phones in a locked box at the entrance, then hand over the key to the waiter, who will serve them a bottle of wine in return. Diners also have the opportunity to write reviews about the food they have eaten, which is also placed in the box. The guest with the best review can enjoy a free meal on their next visit.

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