Reál opened a modern supermarket last year

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 05. 15. 11:54

Reál Hungária Élelmiszer Kft. operates approximately 1,500 stores from which more than 300 work in a franchise system. All of the eight member companies serve as regional centres. Reál convenience stores bigger than 100m² go by the name Reál, while those smaller than this are called Reál Pont.

József Zsigray
managing director
Reál Hungária

In November 2018 Reál opened a 3,000m² modern supermarket in Budapest that sells more than 15,000 SKUs and provides many services, e.g. Alfa bistro, Lipóti bakery and café, Hungarian Post parcel pick-up point, National Tobacco Shop, etc. With the new store Reál created 50 jobs. T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. is a strategic partner of Reál Hungária – it was them who equipped the Reál Alfa store with an artificial intelligence based camera image analysis system, called Ultinous. The system can help prevent the formation of long queues. //