Every fifth domestic company plans to use artificial intelligence

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 05. 23. 11:55

The attitude of companies regarding the growing popularity of artificial intelligence is divided. Some of the companies already use solutions based on artificial intelligence, and although several are planning to introduce such software in the near future in order to increase their efficiency, a significant proportion also report doubts. In the latest research, Profession.hu asked 197 companies about their experiences, plans and possible fears on this topic.

Based on the survey, 15 percent of the respondents currently have experience with the use of devices, programs, and technologies where machines copy certain human abilities or draw conclusions and make decisions from data sets, i.e., they are based on artificial intelligence. Companies have mixed feelings about the use of artificial intelligence in work processes, it can be said to be a divisive phenomenon: many consider it useful, but there is also considerable concern about it.

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