The raspberry-flavored, low-calorie Dreher 24 has arrived

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:20

The product is not only new in flavor, but compared to other products in the portfolio, its calorie content is low.

Alcohol-free beers, whether fruit-flavored or non-flavored, continue to be popular among consumers. In 2023, the sale of non-alcoholic, flavored beers in Hungary was 274,000 hectoliters, the total proportion of sales of reduced-alcohol and non-alcohol beers accounted for 7% of the turnover, according to the 2023 report of the Hungarian Brewers’ Association.* Customers are eager to try new flavors and some people consciously look for low-calorie versions.

“In response to various consumer needs, this year we are introducing an exciting, but at the same time, low-calorie variant. One of the most popular fruits of spring and summer is the raspberry, whose sweet yet pleasantly sour taste is especially refreshing.”

said Regina Juhász, brand manager of Dreher 24.

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