Magazin: Pan-ready chicken dishes – the ambassadors of fast but healthy eating

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 06. 24. 12:37

In today’s rat race world we hardly have time to care about our health, to eat healthy food that is nourishing as well. Taravis Poultry and Food Kft. can help us solve this problem with their new products, which can be prepared in a pan and belong to the company’s ‘Our Chicken’ line, launched in 2014. These chicken dishes are available in four flavours, all of them are the combination of fresh chicken breast fillets and various ingredients and spices. FORRESTER is the favourite of those who like characteristic flavours, MEXICAN is for the fans of hot food, HAWAI’s ingredient include pineapple and bacon and GREEK is the gourmet’s choice. A great advantage of ‘Our Chicken’ products is that all we have to do is put them in the pan, add 200ml of water and we have a tasty and healthy dinner ready in 20 minutes. ‘Our Chicken’ products are from certified origin – supplied by a company called Gallus integration –, they are traceable, made from 100-percent Hungarian poultry fed with fodder free from antibiotics and yield boosters, free from meat flour and animal protein; all products are IFS, BRC, HACCP and ISO certified. Taravis Poultry and Food Kft.’s work was honoured with the Business Superbrands award in 2013 and 2014. Well, dear readers, all you have to do now is buy some of our pan-ready products, cook them and listen to the praising words of your guests! Bon appétit and thank you for choosing us!


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