Lezárult az idei mobil-visszagyűjtő kampány az Auchanban

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 21. 11:19

This year, Auchan Hungary also joined the KÖVET Association, the Jane Goodall Institute and the Protection Association “Pass back, Bro!” for your mobile phone recycling campaign. For one month between April 22 and May 22, customers had the opportunity to drop off their mobile phones and other devices in all Auchan stores. During the campaign, the store chain collected nearly 3,000 small electronic products awaiting recycling.

This year’s Passzold Vissza, Bro! the aim of the campaign was again to reduce the amount of small electronic waste accumulated in the possession of the population. As part of the collection, in addition to old push-button or smart mobile devices, tablets, batteries, earphones, cables, old GPS devices, chargers and other electronic devices were also accepted in the collection boxes displayed in Auchan stores. During the one-month campaign, nearly 3,000 used electronic devices were collected, most of which were chargers, mobile devices and batteries.

17 types of metals can be recovered from the devices during recycling, including precious metals, the mining of which is not the least bit environmentally friendly. After careful sorting, the collected used electronic devices, cables and chargers are transported to the premises of Inter-Metal Recycling Kft. Upon arrival, the batteries of the mobile phones are removed and sorted by type and handed over to RE’LEM Nonprofit Kft., who take care of the recycling. The remaining phone bodies are sent to a plant in Belgium for metallurgical recycling, where they create an ethical raw material for the electronics industry based on the principle of the circular economy.

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