Honey day, every day! – the autumn honey campaign has started

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 10. 21. 11:19

The Ministry of Agriculture (AM), the Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC), the National Association of Hungarian Beekeepers (OMME) and the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) are promoting the consumption of honey and its effects on health under the slogan “Be Every Day, Honey Day”. Launched on October 17, 2019, the promotion, which has been running for about two months, promotes honey consumption at various events and media campaigns.

In Hungary, 15,000 beekeepers and about 1.2 million bee colonies provide honey production, which means 15-30,000 tons of honey per year depending on the weather. Domestic honey consumption averages 0.9 kg per person, while in Germany 1.3 kg and in Greece 1.5 kg. Honey is a source of extremely healthy food, natural antibiotics, vitamins and minerals, which is why the Autumn Honey Campaign is committed to increasing domestic honey consumption.

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