Research: we fear bad Easter ham

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 12:51

For Hungarians, Easter is still considered a holiday celebrated at home, with family, of which traditional foods, such as Easter ham, are an essential part. The representative research commissioned by PICK, which offers high-quality Békebel Easter products, also reveals that the choice of ham teaches customers a lesson. Almost half of the respondents (48%) stated that it was a serious challenge for them to get the right Easter ham. Mainly because of previous unpleasant experiences, they consider this task difficult to solve. More than half of the respondents (68%) reported that in the past, despite careful preparations, the ham destined for the Easter table was too fatty, too salty or just dry and chewy, as well as unsalted, tasteless, or even raw.

Keeping Easter traditions is important for the majority of Hungarians. Typically, this holiday is spent at home with family and relatives, and only a very small number (only 6%) of those who travel during these days – points out a research commissioned by PICK at the beginning of March, from which it is also clear that the majority of consumers for him, Easter is also a culinary holiday, which is accompanied by shared meals. Among those surveyed, 71 percent of those who celebrate Easter said that they eat traditional foods (ham, eggs, horseradish, braided bread), and the ham prepared for the occasion is almost never missing from the table. Much less than that, but there are also those (22%) who are happy to innovate and experiment, making the Easter menu more exciting. However, nearly half of the respondents (48%) find it a serious challenge to get ham that meets their expectations. Especially among women, because the survey also points to the fact that buying the festive ham within the family basically falls on them.

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