Genius in a bottle

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 09. 29. 12:28

The level of environmental pollution associated with the packaging and transportation of bottled water can also be significantly reduced by the use of filtered water in catering. Their use not only fits well into the increasingly important trends of sustainability for modern people, but also brings business benefits.

A szűrt víz használatával az éttermek nemcsak a környezetet kímélik, de időt, pénzt és helyet is megtakarítanak

– Filtration means – Marianna Olasz, FloeWater senior brand manager of HELL Energy Magyarország Kft. explains the essence of the process – that we filter out unwanted substances and impurities in tap water, or reduce their concentration. We use activated carbon filters, which do not reduce the amount of valuable dissolved minerals during filtration. During their use, the filtered water becomes more pleasant, silkier and tastier.

Filtered water is not at all a foreign concept in higher-positioned restaurants. There are already several options on the market for catering units to use technology that does not harm the environment and saves time, money and storage space.

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