Cost-cutting innovation for the benefit of the environment from Daikin

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 03. 02. 10:24

‘Loop by Daikin’ is an innovative circular initiative that grants tangible economic and environmental protection benefits to those who join the programme.

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Valuable raw material from waste

Zuggó Balázs-Daikin

Balázs Zuggó
managing director
Daikin Hungary

Balázs Zuggó, managing director of Daikin Hungary informed that according to a Eurobarometer survey, 85 percent of Hungarians think climate change is a big problem and people expect the solution from the business sector. What does Loop By Daikin do? Refrigerants from commercial cooling systems aren’t destroyed but regenerated and used in production again as valuable raw material. Companies who join can cut costs and also communicate their eco-friendly achievements to customers and business partners very well.


No extra burden

Partners that decide to join will have no extra burden, as Daikin does all the administrative and regulatory compliance tasks for them. Daikin also takes over the responsibility and cost of transporting and destroying refrigerants – these qualify as hazardous waste – as the refrigerants aren’t destroyed but reused and kept in circulation by this programme.


Real partnership

The Daikin team serves partners with situation analysis, collective thinking and presenting various scenarios. Using state-of-the-art technology and being familiar with the latest rules and regulations guarantee that company’s recommendations are sustainable and suit the individual needs of partners. More information about the Loop by Daikin programme:
daikin or you can write to
[email protected] (x)

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