Go for the KMÉ trademark quick-frozen green beans!

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 30. 10:00

When you’ve had enough of meat dishes, it’s sometimes a good idea to get a bag of quick-frozen vegetables from the freezer, from which you can quickly throw together a delicious salad or vegetable. Good news for kitchen fairies who prefer high quality, that in addition to the KMÉ trademark frozen green peas and corn, quick-frozen green beans will also arrive soon.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Whether it’s green or yellow beans, cut or whole green beans, from now on any packaging can have the KMÉ trademark. However, this is not given for free! In addition to the basic statutory requirements, the KMÉ also imposes a number of additional quality requirements on the product entitled to the trademark. It is important that the green beans used as raw material are of the same variety, tender, free of fibers and membranes, juicy, intact and uniform in color. The green bean pod has a diameter of at least 5 mm and a length of at least 60 mm, which cannot be flat or dark-seeded.

The finished product is hard and frozen when frozen

Well cleaned, properly cut and sharpened, free of poisonous weeds and inorganic substances. In the case of green beans with yellow pods, the green tint resulting from tenderness is allowed. When buying, don’t forget to check whether the packaging of the frozen green beans clearly shows the warning label referring to the nature of the product and the need for heat treatment before consumption!


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