Innovation research in the food industry

By: STA Date: 2023. 05. 12. 09:00

The food industry and the entire food chain need innovative and effective interventions, raw materials and products – said Dr. Olga Beát Felkai, Deputy Secretary of State responsible for food chain supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the Innovation Day Conference in Budapest.

(Photo: István Fekete)

The deputy state secretary emphasized that innovation is a special area in which there are large differences between countries and sectors. At the same time, its development and increasing its efficiency are essential for development, and the process requires the active involvement of all actors in the food chain and political policy participants. Our country is one of the emerging innovators, so there is plenty of room for development – in addition to adapting international best practices, resources and regulatory tools are also necessary.

The food industry itself is an innovative sector

At the same time, different branches have different opportunities and goals – it is important to pay attention to this differentiated situation from a support point of view. The Ministry of Agriculture will also pay special attention to this field in the future, because only by improving the innovation situation and increasing innovation skills will we be able to achieve a competitive food industry on an international level in addition to the security of supply.


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