Those who get the trademark keep it as well

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 07. 01. 16:24

3,800 products and services of more than 1,500 companies are already using one of the ‘Hungarian Product’ trademarks – informed Eszter Benedek, managing director of HUNGARIAN PRODUCT Nonprofit Kft. She revealed that the level of fluctuation is low among trademark users, because the requirements are strict.

The managing director’s experience is that those who become trademark users and experience the benefits of it tend to stay in the system, so Hungarian Product can count on partners in the long run. At the moment the membership of Első Pesti Malom Zrt., Bio Fair Trade Kft. and Öcsi Hús Zrt. is being prepared. //

Eszter Benedek
managing director
Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft.

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