GE Women’s Network: gender equality in the workplace is important

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 10. 07. 08:12

In the current economic and market environment, it is also an important task for companies to provide employees with the support they need to perform their work to the best of their ability. However, often this care does not necessarily mean direct support. It can often be space, time and resources for them to create communities in which they can realize and develop themselves. The GE Women’s Network, which was established 25 years ago this year, is a women’s network within the company whose value system is about encouraging, uplifting, and infusing each other with positive energy in order to create gender equality in the workplace.

Gender equality in the workplace has been their goal for 25 years

GE has been present on the Hungarian market for a long time, in addition to its diversified activities, it is also an attractive workplace due to its culture and value system. One of the important pillars of its corporate culture is the network created 25 years ago at the global level, as an initiative of the employees. The community brought together the then very small number of female leaders, whose primary goal was to build relationships and build careers. The initiative was one of the first in the region to take root in Hungary and was already a revolutionary phenomenon, but since then this circle has been expanding, now the number of former and current active members has reached 1,000 people, it has organized nearly 950 events since its inception and more than 40,000 had an impact on a person’s life – regardless of gender. The events often give space to informal conversations, other times they develop skills, they are about experiencing and learning together. Women’s Network members, leaders and sponsors all believe that Women’s Network creates a safe, inclusive community where participants can come together, grow, learn and inspire each other.

Self-organizing communities, such as the Women’s Network, are bottom-up initiatives held together by the momentum and goals of the members. These circles provide an opportunity for community work and learning, and it is important that their members work for a cause that is really important to them. On the occasion of the community’s 25th birthday, leaders and supporters of the Women’s Network share their experiences, what makes such self-organizing circles extraordinary and useful, and why it is important for the company to make room for these initiatives.


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