A strange thing is happening in the clothing market

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 21. 11:29

According to Vatera’s latest statistics, the demand for second-hand clothing and footwear products is increasing in Hungary, especially among sportswear, luxury brands and products tailored for plus-size women. Analyzing the traffic data of the largest online marketplace in 2023, it was revealed that three quarters of transactions include adult-sized clothing and women’s footwear.

Adult women’s clothing products dominate among the products sold on Vatera, while in the case of shoes and footwear, twice as many women’s models are sold as men’s. However, the situation is different in the turnover generated by transactions: women’s clothes account for half of the turnover, while men’s clothes account for a third of the turnover, and children’s clothing a little more than a fifth.

Behind the increase in demand for used clothes are not only economic factors, but also the increasingly popular vintage style and the quiet luxury trend supported by the fashion industry. According to Vatera’s marketing manager, authentic vintage pieces and classic products of logo-free luxury brands made from quality materials are easily available on these platforms.

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