Food Truck Show: 10 years, 6 million guests

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 28. 11:08

The Food Truck Show has turned 10 years old and has become an essential part of Hungarian gastronomy and outdoor hospitality. Since 2014, rolling restaurants have traveled 1 million kilometers in Hungary, served approximately 6 million guests and sold approximately 15 million products.

The founders of the Food Truck Show worked with 200 cars in 10 years and sold 3,750 dealer positions with their events.

“When we started, they thought the buffet cart was a fad that people would get off of. We already knew then that there was no better solution for serving events. In addition, we came out of the epidemic period as winners.”

– recalled Zoltán Horváth, the founder of the Food Truck Show, who, compared to the initial 14 cars, now works with 150 food trucks. From this, he and his team choose which cars and which menu they will bring to this year’s 12 events, including the 100th Food Truck Show in the fall.

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