Fighting bacteria and microbes with silver ions

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 06. 24. 09:15

Two Hungarian companies, disinfectant maker Immunetec and cleaning supplies manufacturer BONUS have teamed up to develop Hungary’s first active antimicrobial sponge. Bioactive Sponge has silver ion molecules, which are gradually released during use and eliminate sponge dwelling microorganisms:
bacteria, fungi, microscopic amoeba and even viruses.

Silver ion is very different from traditional disinfectants, as it causes no irritation, doesn’t deposit, it is safe and long-lasting. The sponge is available as part of the Bioactive product range, together with two microfibre cloths with similar characteristics. This product range has been granted the “Excellent Product” trademark by Hungarian Nonprofit Kft. and won the Inno d’Or innovation award in its category in 2022. (x)

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