Ice Cream of the Year in 2019

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 08. 01. 10:42

This year the confectioners’ guild organised the popular Ice Cream of the Year competition in Szombathely. In order to make the contest a bit more festival-like, several programmes (ice cream shows, tastings, quiz shows, concerts) were waiting for consumers.

In 2019 40 confectioners entered Ice Cream of the Year with 56 ice creams. Ice creams were evaluated by a jury of 13 experts and consumers in 4 categories.

The results:

Confectioneries, artisan ice cream parlours:

1st place and ICE CREAM OF THE YEAR: Il Re Del Piemonte – Dávid Wilheim (DaCrema Ice Cream Parlour – Nagyrécse), 2nd place: Salty pistachio-floating island-ricotta with mango – Éva Heléna Marsa (Vanília & Gelarto – Nagykőrös), 3rd place: Sour cherry crema with croquant – Kinga Kurucz (Hisztéria Confectionery – Tápiószecső).

Artisan Ice Cream Prize of Excellence: Dávid Wilheim (DaCrema Ice Cream Parlour – Nagyrécse).

Consumers Choice Award: Rosemary-white chocolate-Williams pear – Ádám Sztaracsek (Jánoska Confectionery – Komárom).

Ice Cream of Lake Balaton: Fragrant Izabella – (Bringatanya – Gyenesdiás). //

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