Magazine: Men’s and women’s trends are separating

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 26. 08:14

Majkut Sarolta Brand Manager Unilever Magyarország

Majkut Sarolta
Brand Manager
Unilever Magyarország

According to Sarolta Majkut, brand manager of Unilever Magyarország Kft. in the last few years the shower gel market had been in stagnation, but finally both value and volume sales grew last year. Szilvia Baranyi, trade marketing & brand manager with Henkel informed our magazine that their products offer an all-around shower experience, with stylish fragrances and indulging micro-oils. Daniella Csefkó, retail marketing manager of Colgate-Palmolive told us that the company’s experience is that shower gel buyers are first and foremost portfolio users – they like to try new versions of the products they know. Adél Farkas, marketing coordinator of Caola Zrt. revealed that consumer decisions are getting more and more conscious. At the same time Hungarian consumers are still very price-sensitive – we learned from Andrea Sas, head of marketing at Florin Zrt. Dorottya Bíró-Timár, brand manager of Sarantis added that the majority of shower gel sales is realised in promotion, which helps in making buyers – especially women – switch to new products. As the number of people sensitive to various ingredients and allergic consumers is growing, demand for natural and organic cosmetics is on the rise – we learned from Szilvia Pap, brand manager of Target Sales Group Kft. Unilever Hungary’s prestigious Baba brand offers tender care for the whole family. In early 2015 they introduced a Lavender-water lily version of the Baba shower gel. The lanolin shower cream has been one of the brand’s flagship products for years. This year the company’s Dove shower gels go through an overhaul – these products represent premium quality in terms of both product ingredient and design. The product line’s latest offering is Go Fresh Revitalize shower cream with mandarin and tiare flower scent. Further news from the Dove brand is that it recently launched its Instagram account, which soon became popular among the brand’s users. Henkel’s FA brand is also renewed this year, with the focus on the launch of the Magic Oil product range. Pink, Jasmine and Lotus scents are available and these shower gels contain micro-oils. As for the new Fa image, world-class athletes Maya Gabeira and Thomas Villaceca are the ambassadors of the brand now. The brand is preparing for the summer with many activities, starting on 12 May and finishing at the end of August. Research by Palmolive revealed that when it comes to buying shower gel, the most important decision-making factor is the scent, followed by the brand and the price. In 2015 the Palmolive brand’s portfolio is revamped and a special new product line is put on the market. The men’s shower gel market is expanding, with universal 2in1 and 3in1 products being the most popular. For men Palmolive created the special-technology Palmolive Men shower gels with a fresh sensation that lasts UP TO 24 HOURS. In the market of women’s shower gels multifunctional products have appeared on store shelves, with extra moisturising or skin eraser capacity. There are two types of shower gels in the CaoNatur product family: Refreshing and Creamy and caring. Both of them are moisturising, have herbal ingredients and are free from parabens, SLS and colourings. CaoNatur Cosmetic Soap is now also available in shops, utilising the effects of shea butter and cornflower. Florin Zrt.’s experience is that intense fruit scents remain to be popular, therefore the company’s Fruisse shower gels are already offered in 10 fruit versions. This year 3 new fragrances are added to the Alex men’s shower gel line – these products also contain vitamin E pearls for better-hydrated skin. The Fruisse brand targets families and young consumers and this year two new products are put on the market: Fruisse YogoPech and Fruisse Tropical Beach. Sarantis Hungary Kft. offers STR8 Performance shower gels for men, these are both refreshing and vitalising, and they can be used for washing both body and hair. BU In action products target women and these shower gels come with popular scents such as raspberry or passion fruit. What is more, there is also a new product range under this brand, shower creams in papaya and fig scents. In May the company launches a pistachio-macaron shower gel. Target Sales Group Kft. introduced the Inecto Pure Coconut and Pure Argan skin care product line to the Hungarian market in 2013. From July these paraben-, allergen- and artificial colouring-free products will be available in shops with even more natural composition, a trendy new design and under a new name, Inecto Naturals. All Inecto Naturals shower gels contain 90 percent natural ingredients

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