National research on the big firsts of our lives was commissioned by the Hungarian McDonald’s

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 25. 11:38

According to more than two-thirds of Hungarians, first love is the most memorable life event – a nationwide survey revealed. The importance of human relationships is obvious: in addition to first love, the first kiss and first friendship are also lasting memories for many. The first job received many mentions in life’s journey, but of course the research also confirmed that we Hungarians love our bellies, as many of us remember our first hamburger.

These are the most important first experiences

According to 72% of respondents, first love is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. More than half of the respondents still cherish their first friendships, considered real, in one form or another, which, on the other hand, of course also means that many of them are no longer present in each other’s lives at all – among other things, this was revealed in the national research[1] which it was commissioned by the Hungarian McDonald’s.

A good book or movie can also be decisive

The first cultural experiences usually come at a young age, and thanks to this, the most memorable memories are related to content made for children: youth and children’s literature, adventure novels, mandatory reading, cartoons, fairy tales, comedies. Romantic, science fiction and fantasy literature, as well as their cinematic equivalents, are among the first in popularity. More serious literature, such as dramas, volumes of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, was a decisive first reading for only a few.

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