More and more products have the High Quality Food trademark

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 29. 13:02

Although it was launched only a few years ago, the High Quality Food trademark is gaining more and more popularity among producers and consumers. Through their joint working groups, the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Association of Responsible Food Producers are constantly working with ÉLBC Kft., which supports the work of Nébih, on the development of new calls for tenders, so the number of existing product categories will soon expand.

Among the 46 food certification marks registered in Hungary, the only one recognized as a national quality system is the Excellent Quality Food (KMÉ). The first call for applications for the certification mark, launched in 2020, was published in February 2020 for consumer milk and sour cream products.

Already after the first call for tenders, there was great interest in the certification of high-quality products, both from food producers and retail chains. Currently, 133 products have trademark usage rights, of which 113 are manufacturer-branded foods and 20 are retail-branded foods.

According to the agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, from September 2020, the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) will participate in the creation and socialization of new calls for tenders with the working groups established jointly with the Association of Responsible Food Producers (FÉSZ) in order to ensure that the Excellent Quality Food trademark can appear on a wider range of products. following successful producer and commercial distributor tenders.

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