This year will also be cucumber season. In fact, it already is!

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 09. 09:30

We are not idly waiting for the cucumber season. We have prepared the product description of the high-quality cluster cucumber. Thus, by the time summer shines in its full glory, perhaps we can already put the first KMÉ trademark cucumbers in our basket. From there to the bottle!

(Photo: Pixabay)

KMÉ’s product range is being expanded with another popular food. From now on, curly cucumbers can also be worthy of wearing the trademark certifying excellent quality. Of course, not just any.

The fruit of the KMÉ-branded cluster cucumber can be a maximum of 14 cm long

In terms of appearance, it is not deformed, has a uniform cylindrical shape, and has a hard texture. Its taste is without bitterness. In addition, it is a disease-resistant variety (e.g. Promissa, Trilogy, Rapper, etc.). The appropriate choice of plant cultivation technology and the storage conditions of mature cluster cucumbers both help to ensure the excellent quality of the product.


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