The guild’s new home

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 01. 14. 09:49

In 2017 the Guild of Hungarian Confectioners decided to build its new headquarters, where there would be a training workshop too.

László Selmeczi
Guild of Hungarian Confectioners

The new base of the guild is now ready and co-president László Selmeczi told that the workshop is perfect for preparing young talents for international competitions. In the 3-storey building 360m² of floor space is available to members, but only 290m² is used in the first phase. There is a 170m² educational workshop with storage and changing rooms. Mr Selmeczi told that building the new headquarters has been really hard work. The guild’s offices already moved here in November 2018, while the workshop has been used since September 2018. According to the co-president, the construction works cost twice as much as originally planned. However, the guild is proud of the fact that they completed the project from their own resources, in which the loyalty and support of guild members was of great help.