The European Commission would simplify the obligations and administrative burdens of farmers

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 23. 10:00

The European Commission is proposing a number of short- and medium-term measures to reduce the administrative burden on EU farmers, the Brussels body informed on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Among other things, the panel recommended simplifying the requirements EU farmers must meet. This is necessary because the regulations regarding good agricultural and environmental conditions, which must be met in order for farmers to receive support under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), are difficult to implement under certain circumstances, they wrote. The EU committee would also amend the provision that former animal breeders with large pastures, who are forced to switch to growing arable crops due to market disturbances in the meat and dairy sector, can be obliged to transform their arable land into permanent grassland. Deviation from the legislation would be justified because the obligation could lead to a loss of income for the agricultural producers concerned, they wrote.

The European Commission would simplify the methodology of inspections in such a way that the necessary number of inspections carried out by national public administration bodies on farms would be halved

The measure would help agricultural producers comply with the reporting obligation, and they would have more time to do their basic work, they wrote. Finally, the EU body proposed to clarify the concepts of force majeure and extraordinary circumstances, with the aim that those agricultural producers who cannot meet all the requirements of the CAP due to extraordinary and unforeseeable events beyond their control, such as severe droughts or floods, they should not be subject to sanctions. The proposals must be discussed by the Council of Ministers responsible for agricultural affairs of the European Union.


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