Soproni: The only beer brand in the country made of Hungarian ingredients

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 08. 10. 19:23

In December 2015 Heineken Hungária announced: Soproni Klasszikus beer will be made with 100-percent Hungarian barley, thanks to which 100 Hungarian farmers were provided with a steady income. Since 2018 popular alcohol-free Soproni radlers Sour Cherry-Lemon and Elder-Lemon have been made with Hungarian fruits. In the same year the brewery restarted hop growing in Hungary on 1 hectare of land.

soproni logo

Gebri Anna Heineken

Anna Gebri corporate affairs manager Heineken Hungária

Anna Gebri, corporate affairs manager of Heineken told: the initiative is a special cooperation between Hungarian Interchurch Aid (MÖS) and Heineken Hungária, which also helps financially struggling families to make a living off hop farming. //

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