Tesco would move in the direction of healthy products

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 10. 11:04

Tesco, as the largest food retailer in the United Kingdom, not only strives to provide shoppers with fast and convenient food, but is also a committed supporter of healthier eating. The company is constantly working on redesigning its products in its test kitchen in Welwyn Garden City to make them more affordable, more inspiring, more relevant and, above all, healthier, The Guardian reported.

According to Karen Poole, head of healthy and sustainable food at Tesco, the main challenges are taste, affordability and family preferences. Innovations are not only limited to changes in products, but are also reflected in added values. The company strives to include more vegetables and fiber in its products. This is particularly important given that, according to statistics, less than a third of the adult population consumes the recommended daily amount of fiber.

Tesco has already taken steps in the direction of healthier product development. In 2007, it removed hydrogenated fats from its own-brand products, and in 2016, it reduced the sugar content of its soft drinks. However, large-scale and lasting change takes time.

In addition to avoiding ultra-processed foods, an important objective of Tesco is to make the list of ingredients more understandable. To do this, they use ingredients that do not contain E-numbers or other commonly used additives. The company emphasizes the concept of “real” food and only uses ingredients that can be found in consumers’ homes.

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